Our organization is a 95% Boy-Led entity of those passionate about contributing to change to make a difference


Most of our top runners of the organization are young Men and Boys wishing to be the top engage-rs.


With all the inspiration from their mothers, the boys wanted to show & play their part, here is their part.


Its un-sustainable to start something you can't sustain, 95% funds are from the Boys them selves.

The 'WHY' Question

Why Girls' Education & Why the Boys?

A Boy-Led and Boy-Run organization that brings up the boys’ support for the Girl Child’s Education, the gender disparities in Education falls short for girls, so the ‘lead’ performers (boys) must be part of the efforts to support the girls' increase up the success ladder in education, and here we are to play our desired and much needed part, support Girl Child Education.

What to be done is a lot in many more avenues and ways, hence any one can do anything anywhere, anytime, with any available resource at his/her disposal and in any persuadable capability. A by passer near a road-cross can help a young school cross the road, and a wealthy tycoon can support a school being built somewhere, and a policy maker, designs to what is needed most.

We don’t need to gather huge resources to do this, what we have that pushes us up the ladder, only need to be halved to support the girl child next to us, hence our own finances, knowledge, time and commitment are the ones we need and here we have to support Her.

Latest News

New Partners come with more opportunities, we welcome new Debate Partnes.

We are delighted to have a new partner on Board as we gear up for the 1st Annual National Students' Debate Competition on Girls' Education. We have a whole new team of local organizations in Uganda Kampala working on supporting the Young People's development through career talks and development.

The 2nd Annual National Students' Debate Competition on Girls' Education 2019 is on.

As we near the start of the 1st Annual National Students' Debate Competition on Girls' Education 2018, we are excited about the yet New and energized 2nd Competition for the year 2019. With more schools signing up, more students getting ready, more volunteers and yes: more Districts, we are ready for 2019.

Our Partners

We are so much delighted to have the tremendous support of our friends from day one, and the below are worthy cerebrated.

Have a question or would like to join us?

You are so much welcome and of very much value to us and the dream we are pushing needs a lot more than what we can afford right now, your support, encouragement and advise is all we need. Whatsap Us on +256 780 239 066