An Alliance for Youth Supporting Girls' Education.


Educate Her is a an alliance of Youth led community based organizations in 12 Eastern and Southern Africa countries solely working on supporting the direct involvement of Men and Boys as champions for Girls' Education.

This is based on the fact that 2 of the MAJOR reasons for Girls' dropping out of school in Sub Saharan Africa are early marriages and Teenage pregnancies which are perpetuated by Men helped by Boys.

Hence by having them champion Girls' being in School, these challenges will be no more.

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To have a well coordinated sustainable community of diversity towards learning together, sharing solutions and developing the Africa We Want by investing in Girls' Education.


To Achieve our vision by investing in Girls' Education.


  • To create a Coalition of community support force of young people for Girls' Education.
  • To directly involve all stakeholders especially Men & Boys in grassroots communities for Gender Equality.
  • To create a Joint Basket of sustainable resources for together built & planned community Led programs by young people.

12 Countries

These include: Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia, Angola, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda

60 community Organisations

Each country chapter of Educate Her has a minimum of 5 member community based initiative/group/organizations working locally to support Education.

1200 Young change-makers

With every community group having at least 20 members who are committed to support the direct involvement of Men and Boys in Championing Girls' Education.

The Road Trip 4 Girls' Education.

The Uniting program that inspired creation of Educate Her Alliance by the young people.

This was inspired by the need to learn from other young people in several countries who are uniting against Teenage Pregnancies and Child Marriages by involving Men and the Change Makers. Share what works where and support the replication of what has worked to the highly in need areas or countries while inspiring and mobilizing more players both local and national to the efforts of Education especially for Girls.

The Team

With the dedicated support team of committed young people from across the regions, we make it happen.

Our Country Initiatives

We have different Youth Community based Organisations in all countries where we have chapters. And many can be exemplified below.

Established 2014 Wakiso District

Girls In School Initiative

Where Boys Help

Girls In School Initiative is a Boy-Led, Boy-Run, Boy-Founded and Boy-Funded community organization supporting Girls' Education.

Established 2016 Masaka District

We Everyone's Child Orphanages

Every Child Matters

Cares for the valunarable orphaned children in the Rural areas of Uganda.

Established 2017 Maseru

Girls Coding Academy


Girls Coding Academy is a startup movement founded by 7 women within the Computer Science field. The academy is dedicated to educating, mentoring, innovating and equipping young women and girls with technological skills by club program, campus program and summer immersion. Our mission is to reduce the gender gap by engaging and encouraging young women and girls to participate in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths or STEM fields.

Established 2017 Lusaka

Care for the Poor Foundation


Care for the poor foundation is a youth led non profit organisation which aims to empower, support and care for the underprivileged.

Established 2010 Harare

Shanduko Yeupenyu Child Care


Shanduko Yeupenyu Child Care is a community based Organization (CBO) based in Epworth, situated about 15 km east of Harare, Zimbabwe. It was established in 2010 after a locally driven group of concerted individuals, came together to address the key problems in the area including poverty, scarcity of jobs, soaring crime rates, and a high death rate due to HIV and AIDS related conditions.


Young Women Rise


The organization is called Young Women Rise-YOWORI. Formed and led by young women who were once victims of school dropout due to early marriages and teen pregnancies. Having fought hard, who went back to school and graduated from the University with various degrees. Then teamed up and established this organization to fight for girl child rights and education. Aiming at reducing teen pregnancy and early marriage. For those that cannot go back to school they are being trained in tailoring and designing and an economic empowerment initiative to promote teen mothers self dependency. The organization also does model talks for the in school girls and boys and has established YOWORI clubs in school and with plans to have them to in all our universities as a way of calling up the initiative to reach out to many girls helped by boys and men.

Established 2016 Lilongwe Central Region

Center for Social Concern and Development


The mission of the Center for Social Concern and Development (CESOCODE) is to create a world free from violence against girls through advocacy, mobilization, training and education.

Established 2016 Lilongwe Central Region

Platform for People Development


Platform for People Development is an organisation in Malawi that started in 2016 then by LUANAR-Bunda Campus students. The organisation successfully got registered in February, 2017. We have implemented a number of projects in Malawi starting at LUANAR-Bunda Campus. We implemented violence against women campaigns targeting girls at Bunda and communities sorrounding bunda. We have also advocated for Reproductive and Health Sex rights in some communities in Malawi.

Established 2015 Lilongwe Central Region

Wala Foundation


We are a starting up Young People’s community organisation firstly working on Girls’ support through mentorship, career talks and also planning to expand the Solar Lamps giving to the rural girls to support their Education so as to deter them dropping out of school.

Established 2018 Lilongwe Central Region

Forum for Concerned Young People


Forum for Concerned Young People (FOCO-YOPE) is a community based youth organization which promote youth's involvement and participation in the decision making through local development structures. The Organization focuses on Good Governance, HIV/AIDS, Human Rights, Public Health, Nutrition and Food Security, Sexual Reproductive Health, Environment Conservation, Youth and women Socio-economic Empowerment.

Established 2018 Lilongwe Central Region

God Cares Rights Foundation


God Cares Rights Foundation is duly registered with Malawi Government. We work with adolescent girls in primary schools in the northern region of Malawi. We started working with girls in 2013, after noticing that two girls with disabilities at Ekwendeni school for the blind were impregnated by one boy. Since then, we started counseling and guidance to girls and boys at this school. We are into 18 primary schools in Mzuzu City and Ekwendeni (Mzimba North) Child marriage is high in some districts in Malawi because of cultural norms. There is need to deconstruct cultural norms and help people change their mind set towards girls education.


Educate Her is open to community based Youth Organisations committed to working in partnership to supporting Education especially for Girls by having the Men and Boys as champions which will lead to Ending Teenage Pregnancies and Child marriages in Sub Saharan Africa.

Educate Her members must want to participate in the Partnership and share their expertise with other members.

All members must endorse our Mission Statement and Membership Principles.


COLLABORATE TO ADVOCATE FOR CHANGE Together, Educate Her members develop and implement advocacy strategies to urge influential bodies – such as the United Nations General Assembly, the UN Human Rights Council and the African Union – to take action on child marriage. Many members work together in their countries to advocate for relevant national laws, policies or action.

INCREASE YOUR VISIBILITY Members can raise the profile of their work by being connected to an increasingly recognized and growing global Partnership. They can benefit from opportunities to connect with journalists, and by having their work profiled on the Educate Her website and on social media. Educate Her members seize opportunities, such as International Day of the Girl Child or Day of the African Child, to speak collectively as a movement.

LEARN FROM OTHERS Educate Her provides opportunities for members to connect with other Organisations working on similar issues and share their expertise and challenges in addressing child marriage. Members can also strengthen their capacity through meetings, newsletters and on-line platforms, such as learning webinars and our resource center.

POWER IN UNITY Educate Her fosters the critical connections that help members to enhance their work. We link up Organisations working on child marriage in the same country or region, or working on similar issues. We provide opportunities for members to interact in person, as well as online through webinars, calls and email groups. Where possible, we connect members with stakeholders, including journalists and potential donors.

Individuals who wish to join Educate Her but have no organization currently they are associating with but may wish to join one or start their own community initiative can register here so that our Capacity Support team can help you find a better way to establish your new initiative.

Do you have Questions?

Below are simple Q&A if you would like to know more about Educate Her and its programs.

If No, Sorry you are not eligible for Educate Her membership.

Educate Her membership is beneficial to those who regularly and proactively interact with other members, and with the secretariat. If your organization is not interested and/or does not have capacity to interact regularly with us, membership may not be very beneficial for you.

If No, Sorry you are not eligible for Educate Her membership.

Educate Her only accepts applications from civil society organisations that currently address child marriage or have concrete plans to do so.

Sorry, you are not eligible for Educate Her membership.

Educate Her does not provide financial support or provide grants. We are also unable to act as implementing partner for members’ projects/programmes. The activities of Educate Her members are financed and implemented by their own means.

Our Principles

Education is a Right: Not a Choice

Books are tools of success and develop the nation.

Education is one thing no one can take away from you.

The highest result of education is tolerance.

To educate girls is to reduce poverty.

Our Partnerships

Our Member Organisations in several countries are members to different partnerships and coalitions both local and International.

Contact Us.

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