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Educate Her: Play & Learn

No. of Players: 14
Total Points 89
Total Books are 5

Educate Her

Educate Her: is a program of Girls in School Initiative that aims at directly investing in needy girls� education. When one plays the game, the right answer commands points being given which are then converted into books, pens, school fees and other scholastic materials given to girls through our organization�s students� support program. Educate her is financed through Mariam Education fund, a tribute fund dedicated to Mama Mariam, a passionate lady who straggled to support her children attain education even when the husband pulled out. Mariam Education Fund converts the points earned by the players into finances used to finance her education.

Marian Educational Fund

The mother of 8, 5 boys and 3 girls who only treasures the best of the world for her children, and still looks at education as the best gift she can offer to her 8 children regardless of the challenges that may befall them in their struggle to have the right education. From knitting mats and baskets to be sold to the market, to even going to South Sudan�s Juba war torn places all to raise fees for her children�s education, the commitment always kept her moving. To read more of her story please click here. The fund: Her children felt their has to be something done to further push her desire to support education, and if a Primary 4 dropout mother was able to dedicate education to her children, what if she was a university graduate. The family savings were hence brought together and this continues to help more girls get the education they due deserve hence the Mariam Education Fund. More about the fund here.

Future Programs

More support. Educate her: with much more support from Mariam Education fund projects continued un-conditioned educational support to needy girls and boys in Uganda and the areas around. The fund will continue targeting the hard to reach rural girls (families), the urban poor girls, disaster stricken girls (natural disasters like earthquakes, landslides etc.), conflict affected girls and refugees, and all needy girls and boys out there who need to be helped so as to have the education that any one on the planet world love to see their children do have.

Prospects are that by:

2021 end ---- 1000 girls to be supported (both full and half). Construction of an education center (Mariam Education Center). Educate her: hopes to construct an education center which can house more than 1500 children in levels of primary, secondary and technical or vocational education. This means that Girls In School Initiative supported children will all be educated from this education center and they will be seen through the enrolment, retention and completion circles of which GISI stands for. The center is expected to be complete by 2030 and to be a self-sustainable center that has all that it needs to run without external financing or single financial source promoter.